Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tudung Bawal 2-tone Emperor

Since sy sgt bz utk update n upload sume gmbr2 kt blogshop ni, sy akn upload pic utk sneak preview bg stiap new update..klu you all interested nk order atau nk tgk more pics, blh la add sy di fb ye..Search for "Cik Ain Shawl" atau blh juga pegi kt fan page baru kami ~ by the way, don't forget to show us some LOVE & SUPPORT by clicking "LIKE" kt fb page baru kami ye! :)
Tudung Bawal 2-tone
Price : RM15 (excluding postage)
Brand : Emperor
Size : Bidang 45
Material : Bawal

Wholesale price :
RM10.00/pc minimum 20pcs
RM12.00/pc minimum 10pcs
*colors are picked randomly for wholesale

To order, you can PM us on our page on facebook or you can also text me at +6017 324 3048 (ain)

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