Monday, October 4, 2010

Inner Syria Cotton (ALL SOLD OUT!)

RM10 each (excluding postage)
postage : 1 item RM4.00, 3-5 items RM5.00
Inner cotton ni best tau bile pakai..lembut, selesa & x panas
Sbb material dia cotton high quality ;)

Sorry the font is too small..Just in case if you can't see it clearly..
From left to right, top to bottom :

Blue Black, Splashed White (White Cream)(SOLD OUT), Pink Orange
Black(SOLD OUT), Seal Brown(SOLD OUT), Rufous(SOLD OUT), Orange-red
Gray(SOLD OUT), Cambridge Blue(SOLD OUT), Platinum (SOLD OUT), Tyrian Purple
Purple(SOLD OUT), Byzantium, Lilac(SOLD OUT), Mauve(SOLD OUT)
Rosewood(SOLD OUT), Redwood, Terra Cotta(SOLD OUT), Dark Pink(SOLD OUT)
Rosso Cossa(SOLD OUT), Teal(SOLD OUT), Turquoise(SOLD OUT), Baby Blue(SOLD OUT)
Olive Drab, Islamic Green, Spring Bud, Yellow(SOLD OUT)
Saffron, Maize

1 comment:

  1. saya nk inner nih tp lambat sikit sbb nk kena buat on9 utk bank islam dulu..



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